Welcome to my first post

Hello, I suppose the first thing I should do is tell you about myself. I’m a 24 year old Taurus bull, true to my nature I butt heads with just about everyone. I’ve always struggled with this, always had those moments where I wondered if I had just scared someone away, and then not giving one care weather or not I did. I’m blunt, I’m harsh, sometimes I don’t think before I speak, but I always love. I think that’s what people always forget about me. I love, and I love harder than anyone I know aside from my boyfriend (must be why we are together right?). It seems that sometimes I can’t contain my passion, I can’t contain the amount of love I have and with that comes disgust for the ‘anti-love’. I have disgust for the things that promote hate, and remember when I said I am blunt? How about when I said I sometimes don’t think?

Yeah, that comes from my passion. Blind passion I like to call it. Here’s an example. I’ve been struggling for a long time with my sexuality. I’m not gay, but I have such a hard time saying I’m straight because the feminine form is beautiful-sometimes more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen. So, am I straight? Who knows. But this specific question is what causes me to lean towards pro-gay rights. Alright, I don’t lean towards it, I’m all for it. One hundred and ten percent and then some. So when gay marriage was federally legalized in the States, my heart soared. I even cried, I was so happy. But of course there was an instant backlash online (and in person) of all kinds of people hating on gay marriage. My blind passion kicked in then. I actually wanted to delete everyone off of my social media. I couldn’t stand seeing people hating, I mean why!? For what reason? Because now a man and man can marry? What’s it to ya? Really now, I felt so overwhelmed with the joy of all of the people that must have been so happy that they could finally marry that I hadn’t prepared myself for the amount of negativity that was about to suddenly pour out of so many people. I did delete people. Lots of them. People I had been friends with for so long, and new friends. I couldn’t stand the things that were posted because each time they were posted and I saw them, it felt as if someone had taken a knife and dug it right into my chest. Through my heart. Blind passion might someday kill me.

I don’t think. I should. But sometimes the emotion just comes on so quick that I don’t even know it’s happening and before I know it I’m in some kind of debate about some issue that I never thought I’d have to debate about. Because I think all humans should be free and resonate with love, I tend to forget that not everyone is like that. I’m actually kind of rare among some circles.

So I decided to create a safe place to come, when the world seems to be too much, and you don’t seem to belong. My preferred place would be in my own book store, with a small coffee and tea shop, selling my grandmothers hand made goodies (oh her cooking is amazing). I imagine I’d have gay pride and coexist stickers on the windows. I’d be therapy pet friendly. Use my back room for people who need to use the space for meetings or presentations, give all of my unsold food to the homeless and needy. My vision involves anyone and everyone who is full of love, no matter the belief system, sexual orientation, skin color, age ect. But I just don’t have the means to open such a shop right now. This will have to do. I only hope that it will reach those who need it, those who feel alone and have nowhere to turn. I felt that way, and sometimes still feel that way. This world is so full of those who only see the world through a tiny window, but I feel that I see the entire Universe but I’m not seeing it through a window of any sort. I am the Universe. We are the Universe. We are one.


Author: indigothoughtssite

I'm trying to find the best path in this Universe that will lead me to my ultimate goal which is to help people. I'm no professional, but you can't learn love in any school.

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